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Warsaw (1977)

3,5,0,1,2,5, Go!

I was there in the back stage,

When first light came around.

I grew up like a changeling,

To win the first time around.

I can see all the weakness.

I can pick all the faults.

Well I concede all the faith tests,

Just to stick in your throats.


I hung around in your soundtrack,

To mirror all that you’ve done,

To find the right side of reason,

To kill the three lies for one,

I can see all the cold facts.

I can see through your eyes.

All this talk made no contact.

No matter how hard we tried.


I can still hear the footsteps.

I can see only walls.

I slid into your man-traps,

With no hearing at all.

I just see contradiction,

Had to give up the fight,

Just to live in the past tense,

To make believe you were right.