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Черновики песен

Out of Touch (1977)

On the wasteline,

Heartbreak, mainline,

In a hurry to get somewhere.

Divorced from what’s real so early.

All a waste of nothing really.

Arrive too late — don’t you know you’re out of touch?

Pass the dateline,

All on your time.

In a hurry to get something.

Staring at your own two faces,

Feeding off your private crazes.

You’re out on you’re own — out — out of touch.

Nervous feeling,

No scene stealing,

Can you reach the outer limits?

Stuck inside your pen too long,

Forgotten moves where you went wrong.

You’ve lost the feeling, now you’re out of touch.

Empty station,

Too long waiting,

In a hurry to get somewhere,

Divorced from everything so early,

All a waste of nothing really,

You were never there always out of touch.